Rise of Corruption [v0.2.3] By Umarius

Umarius Games released a new game called Rise of Corruption and the version is 0.2.3. The game’s story is about The Dark Lord who has been defeated by the hero and his party. Unfortunately for them, it was discovered that the Dark Lord had hidden a portion of his power so that someone might find it, and use it to finish what he had started. You are a representative sent by the king to observe and aid the hero’s party in their quest to find this hidden power. However, you might have the chance to be something greater.

In Rise of Corruption, you are the villain and will have the chance to corrupt many characters, and eventually, the world. While there is combat, that is not the focus of the game. Instead, the focus is on slowly corrupting the characters and the world, and observing the changes that occur through each step until you have fully corrupted them.

Developer: Umarius
File Size: 3.02 GB
Version: 0.2.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Content Additions:

  • Added Ayumi level 3 progression event
  • Added Ayumi level 3 training events and scenes
  • Added Ayumi level 3 prison game
  • Added four additional animated sex scenes
  • Added random level 2 conversations between Yuma and Misaki, Yukako, and Rina in the Zerethin Wall General’s office
  • Added random conversation between level 2 Ayumi and Yuma
  • Added random conversation between level 3 Ayumi, and Yuma
  • Added new overworld map (Hypatia capital region)
  • Added new village
  • Added main story quest for the new village
  • Added additional compliance level for the new village
  • Added two additional story cutscenes
  • Added ability to replay lore conversations with Bogthos and Yuma in the castle bedroom


  • Fixed bug that allowed a Gilias workshop quest to be repeated infinitely
  • Fixed known typos

Content Additions:

  • Added Ayumi and Yuma level 2 double progression event
  • Added Ayumi level 2 training events and scenes
  • Added Ayumi level 2 prison game
  • Added Yuma level 2 training events and scenes
  • Added additional three animated sex scenes
  • Added Two Gilias workshop quests
  • Added new Gilias Compliance level
  • Added final fort task for Eistos
  • Added additional two main story cutscenes


Content additions –

  • Added Conquest of Zerethin Wall
  • Added Ayumi initial corruption event
  • Added Ayumi level 1 training events and scenes
  • Added new system in place of escape events for Ayumi
  • Added level 1 content and scene for Ayumi in the above system
  • Added two additional animated sex scenes
  • Added a cutscene introducing a few of the divines as characters
  • Added new a new city and fort to the game
  • Added compliance and main story quests to the above city and fort
  • Added additional compliance level to the new city
  • Added Romanos to his cell if you chose to corrupt him, and keep him in your army

Bugfixes –

  • Fixed known typos
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Rina’s normal attacks not not have an animation

Developer Notes:

This is the first game I have publicly released, so any feedback will be welcome. If there are any bugs or issues with the game, report them, and I will have a new version released with what can be fixed, fixed. More content such as characters, locations, quests, and more will be added in future updates.

Some of the content in the Initial release such as maps, quests, balancing, and similar things are subject to change as I get more feedback, get better at making the game, and improve my writing.

Game Images & Screenshots


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