Rise of the Crime Lord [v0.12b Alpha 2 Extendedl] By IziRider

IziRider Games released a new game called Rise of the Crime Lord and the version is 0.12b Alpha 2 Extended. The game’s story is about The protagonist of the game is Rick. He lives a simple, whitecollar life, but receives no pleasure from it. His family is broken, his marriage is in shambles, and his boss constantly abuses him at work. Then, one day, thanks to unlucky (or lucky depending on your tastes) circumstances, he gets caught up in the addictive world of sin and power. Take on the role of Rick as he navigates his way through powerful gangsters, brutal murderers, and corrupt policemen who target him and his family. To survive, he (you) must make difficult choices. Will you take back control of your life? Or will you sit by idly as everything you’ve worked is torn apart in front of your eyes? Find out if you have what it takes to be a Crime Lord.​

Developer: IziRider
File Size: 3.29 GB
Version: 0.12b Alpha 2 Extended
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.12b Alpha 2 Extended

  • “Rick and Cora’s trip” and “Cora alone trip” to the island (only this two storyline is complete)
  • 2900 pictures in the main story + 19 trophy pictures
  • 13 animations
  • You can also try the openings of the other threads, and a quarter of the “Rick stays at home” storyline can be played. Although they are still incomplete and may contain errors.
  • The “Darkness Falls on Ashley” extra scene and the “Thoughts of Reg” mini-scene.

Developer Notes:

The road was long and bumpy. Unfortunately for me, terrible events slowed down the development, but finally the first part of Chapter 9 was finished. Well, not completely. I will release an update, because unfortunately there are some problems with the animations. Nothing serious, some are missing the background beyond the window and in two scenes Rick is wearing a shirt when he shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, these errors were the result of inadvertently. I will try to correct these in the coming weeks. Apart from that, the chapter is finished. As you may be used to, the course of events depends to a large extent on decisions made earlier.

What’s more, Cora or Rick could make a decision that will have a major impact on Chapter 10 (but seriously, it will have a very big impact). On paper, there are no serious errors than in chapter 8. But, if you experience a bug, feel free to report it in the bug report section of my

Game Images & Screenshots

v0.12b Alpha 2 Extended

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