Routes of Life [v1.60b] By Stone flower

Stone flower Games released a new game called Routes of Life and the version is 1.60b. The game’s story is about You are someone who spent the entire youth playing MMOs, not thinking about anything else and ignoring your youth. But life catches up with you. Now, living a life that is just studying, working, and sleeping, you feel empty. However, an update in your favorite game during your summer break leads you to discover a strange AI that finds a way to bring you back and relive the routes you didn’t pursue.

Developer: Stone flower
File Size: 2.06 GB
Version: 1.60b
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Three new quests for Oliver route
  • A new item for Oliver in Mayazon
  • A new scene for Oliver through the game map
  • A new scene in Oliver’s sleepover scenario
  • Two new quests for Linda route
  • Four new scenes when sleeping with Linda
  • Two new items for Linda in Mayazon
  • Money gained in Lust Garden increased from $25 to $35, and with money + from $35 to $50
  • Money gained in the Library and Everything Store increased from $20 to $30, with money + from $25 to $40, and the raise was changed from $5 to $10 as a bonus
  • New places where you can use the teleportation cheat added (Patreon Reward)
  • 97 new passages
  • 36 new videos
  • 22 new images

Developer Notes:

Hi, this is my first time making a game, programming and all that. I hope you enjoy this early version; it has a good presentation of the characters and how their dynamics are going to be. There are still a lot of things I am figuring out in terms of how I want to do them, so please keep in mind that things can change over time. I hope you enjoy it, and if you notice any errors, have any feedback, or come across any grammar mistakes, please let me know.

Game Images & Screenshots


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