Salvor DEEP [v0.31] By Delusria

Delusria Games released a new game called Salvor DEEP and the version is 0.31. The game’s story is about In Salvor DEEP you play as a Salvor dispatcher. With money dwindling fast you decide to spend the last of your cash on a new diving pod. Now you can only afford a first-time volunteer salvor. She has no experience with these sunken wrecks and is somehow even more broke than you. She will rely on you to guide and teach her about the art of salvaging. Under-equipped and broke, your job is to protect her (or don’t) from the various pirates, hazards, and creatures that lurk in these ancient wrecks.​

Developer: Delusria
File Size: 42.0 MB
Version: 0.31
OS: Windows,
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial F95 Release

Developer Notes:

▓▒░ Meet your personal Salvor ░▒▓

This newbie may not have any skills or special equipment, but with your guidance she can scavenge almost as well as any pro salvor. She will scavenge by herself unless you command her. Build her trust by answering questions correctly to get a special ending. Or take pictures of the trouble she gets into when lead astray.

▓▒░ Game Play ░▒▓

Salvor DEEP is a simple game split up into 3 major features.

1. Sound: SDEEP is a game that uses a high amount of sound to explain the setting and situations your salvor is in.

  • You will hear her footsteps when she walks. You will hear the footsteps of others as they draw near.
  • You will hear her swimming, the creaking of shipwrecks, and many more things I will leave up to a surprise!

2. Interactions with your salvor: She will start small talks with you about life, herself, and you, or ask questions about her surroundings to give you a better understanding. (Could this be considered a dating sim?) Answer questions using your [Y] and [N] UI correctly to build her trust, or purposely lead her astray and take pictures of the H scenes that befall her.

3. Exploration: The graphics will be EXTREMELY simple pixels on your radar as you lead her around the shipwrecks. You will be using her eyes to find treasure with the goal of getting both of you a living wage.

  • Food: She will purchase a meal after each mission, if you find her safe food to eat during the mission then she will buy less, saving her money. If she runs out of money to feed herself she must transfer to another job. So make sure to explore everything!
  • Treasure: When exploring she will pick up treasure to cash in at the end of a mission, this treasure is split between you two and will pay both of your bills. However, the more she carries, the slower she walks, making it much easier for others to catch her.
  • Equipment: You can purchase these for her or she can find them in missions, they allow her to deal with traps, doors, and other dangers. Keep in mind the more she carries of these the slower she runs as well.

Difficulty: This game is much more on the casual side, focusing on exploration and discovery. Each situation you get your salvor in can unlock new art for her. There will be a gallery too if you want to revisit any moments.

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