Sasha’s Story – Culture Shock [v0.2.3d] By fazthestampede

fazthestampede Games released a new game called Sasha’s Story – Culture Shock and the version is 0.2.3d. The game’s story is about You’ll be playing Sasha who’s undergoing college research in Pelangi village. This decision was due to her rigid, stressful, and restrained life with her overprotective stepfather. While conducting her research, she experienced constant culture shocks that slowly revealed her true nature. It’s as if this journey only helped reveal her secret interest in activities that involve public exposure.

Developer: fazthestampede
File Size: 610.3 MB
Version: 0.2.3d
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added balloon to help guide players to shop at Kiki’s x-banner (thanks to JSG)
  • Fixed the fish seller option bug (thanks to Rika)
  • Fixed the Kiki dialogue bug at “about bra” (thanks to Rika)


  • Added Fish merchant scene 3 into Sasha’s diary (I missed that one unintentionally)
  • Fixed bugs on previous jogging scene where the first interractable won’t appear
  • Fixed a bug on Dann scene 1 for dialogue missing when entering the event.
  • Created a simple walkthrough via google doc


  • Reduced game size 60% (thanks to JSG)
  • fixed the missing 1st bath scene
  • Added Linn Scene 3
  • Added 3 sub scenes

Game update: Culture Shock V.0.1.9d
link: Mega

  • Added time cycle icon on gameplay screen
  • fixed the audio missing bug
  • fixed the endless loop fruit selling bug
  • apples now can be foraged both in the morning and evening
  • both MC and Side character sprites are shown in dialogues
  • able to sleep morning to morning again
  • created sprint mode (as an achievement)
  • created jogging scene 2
  • created diner scene 1
  • created fruit scene 2
  • created fish scene 1

Developer Notes:

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Walkthrough

# 2d game# 3dcg# adventure# exhibitionism# Female protagonist# Groping# lesbian

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