Sassy Girl [v0.4.15] By Hematite

Hematite Games released a new game called Sassy Girl and the version is 0.4.15. The game’s story is about The protagonist of this adult visual novel is a young man who is very intelligent but has suffered a lot in his life. One day he receives a great opportunity that if taken advantage of, will radically change his life for the better. He finds himself working for the Sassy Girl, a gossip magazine in the midst of a crisis. He will then come into contact with several women, all of whom are extremely sexy and fascinating in different ways. Sassy Girl, is a story with many thematic traits: comedy, drama, mystery, romance, and of course lots of eroticism and sex​

Developer: Hematite
File Size: 1.70 GB
Version: 0.4.15
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 227 New Images
  • 8 New Animations
  • 500 words
  • 2 new scenes
  • Bug fix
  • MC will meet the lovely Dorothy again. Pay attention to how you left her, as your past choices will have a big impact on this important scene. MC will ask poor Timmy to help him with Ness’s story. Beatrice will play a fundamental role in this. Also, your relationship with Beatrice will be crucial here. You may have noticed, but relationship values are no longer changing. It’s not a mistake, it’s intentional. Relationships with the girls are now defined, especially because the story is approaching its conclusion.

Developer Notes:

Sassy Girl is a visual novel for adults based on multiple choices.

  • 3000 high-definition images
  • 50 animations in high definition
  • 50000 words
  • Decide main character’s first and last name
  • Multiple endings
  • Ren’py engine


  • is a handyman secretary. She has been working for Sassy Girl for a couple of years.
  • Beatrice is a kind girl and easy to make smile.
  • She cares a lot about others and always tries to help them as much as she can.
  • She has no particular ambitions, although she is a very smart girl.
  • She considers her life and work to be somewhat boring, so having an adventure for her would be a great thing.


  • is a tough cookie.
  • Always pissed off, she mumbles to everyone and gets angry very easily.
  • She is the magazine’s photographer. Adele is very attached to her work and used to make great sacrifices to get the best results. Despite her apparent bad temper, she is a good person who would never hurt anyone.
  • She will treat you very badly, but if you can stand up to her, she will know how to reward you.

Game Images & Screenshots


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