School of Love: Clubs! [v0.1.8.6] By NijuKozo

NijuKozo Games released a new game called School of Love: Clubs! and the version is The game’s story is about You a high school student who didn’t have a chance to choose his own club. After finding yourself in a conflict between two different clubs, you are trying to prove yourself to others, make new friends, and improve your relationships. But your adventure doesn’t end there. There are a lot of mysteries waiting to be unveiled along the way.​

Developer: NijuKozo
File Size: 2.75 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added 5 new Levels:
    Added 1 Level for Hana’s Story
    Added 1 Level for Katie’s Story
    Added 1 Level for Mia’s Story
    Added 1 Level for Irina’s Story
    Added 1 Level for Main Story (Coyote Club Level 10)
  • Added 2 new Club Tasks:
    1 new Club Task with Katie (Coyote Club)
    1 new Club Task with Jina (Hawk Club)
  • Added 2 new Club Tendency events:
    Added Coyote Club Tendency Event Level 1 Stage 0
    Added Coyote Club Tendency Event Level 1 Stage 1
  • Added a new Easter Egg with Special Characters
    Added 1 new Date for Jina
    Added 12 new Secret Cards for the Secret Stash
    Added 57 new Portraits for Character Details screen
  • Added 1 new interactable character:
  • Added two new Locations:
    Stera’s Shop
  • Designed a new UI for the Character Details screen
    Now you can have favorite characters for easy access
    Added new unlockable portraits for every character
    Implemented the Club Tendency system
    Removed Moon from the character details screen
    Added a Guitar game for an event
    Added a Bat Hunt game for an event
    Introduced Potion Crafting option for the new NPC Ranni
    Included new sound effects for all of the new lewd scenes
    Removed the “Continue” option from the Main Menu
    Added new items to Cindy’s Shop
    Implemented performance improvements
    Changed the Main Menu‘s background image
    Changed the Quit Menu‘s background image
    Updated Cheat codes
    Added the 10th Page to the Secret Stash
    Added new cherry-picked H-scenes for the gallery
    Fixed reported typos
    Fixed reported bugs
    Fixed some UI related bugs
    Fixed some typo

Developer Notes:

School Of Love: Clubs! is a high quality Dating Sim/Visual Novel game, there are 43000+ words16+ characters3800+ images and 600+ animations55+ events in total for many different girls and your club with the prologue. There are much more things you’ll find out throughout the game, easter egg

Game Images & Screenshots


Christmas Special 2023 v3.0

Patches: INCEST*

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