Sex and Sex Again Revival [v2403A] By IcarusDragon

IcarusDragon Games released a new game called Sex and Sex Again Revival and the version is 2403A. The game’s story is about You’ve lived a horrible life and upon death, somehow woke up as your 18-year-old self. You wish you could re-do your life again but there’s one problem: you’re stuck in a time loop. You wake up every day to strong teenage hormones guiding your every action. Will you try to escape or live consequence-free?​

Developer: IcarusDragon
File Size: 257.4 MB
Version: 2403A
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

2403A – Drugged Sex Version

  • Limited scope to repeat morning content
  • Included scenario for drugging family member
  • 6×3 foreplay scenes, 6×3 sex scenes, imaged but can be better

2401B – Sex Test Version

  • Working orgasm function which should automatically check to have sex again. NOT BUG FREE, just a lot less buggy.<br>
  • Currently balancing pleasure calculations as if your stats are too high, it’s near impossible to cum before/with your partner.<br>
  • Some orgasm options are wonky. As there are many variations, I have not caught all mistakes.<br>
  • There are functions that go nowhere. This is once again a test of the sex system that is much less buggy but not bug free.<br>
  • <br>


  • Standardize interactions will be Talk, Engage, Observe and Manipulate. They’ll eventually interweave and one start and eventually lead to another ending.
  • Modular sex system created capable of supporting all current family members. Test sex is available when you engage them in the morning.
  • Judy dialogue tree currently incomplete but it should look something like the “talk” option. There are multiple things she talks about and you’re meant to learn a little at a time. Random chance variations will eventually be added to increase complexity.

Developer Notes:

09/18/22 – I’ll still be updating every Sunday but won’t actually update/renew until substantial updates have been done. Will probably renew early October.

07/24/22 – Got sick, thought I’d be able to double up for this week but slept mostly. Light update, just more morning Judy stuff.

07/10/22 – Subscribestar is up! Yay! It’ll take a bit to work out but the idea is to have a vote for what character to work on as Judy is being developed or perhaps when I’m also open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas if that’s not interesting enough.

07/03/22 – Decided to focus on one character before moving onto another. Judy will be the first focus then Jim will be the next. I think they’re main components to the family so it should be interesting and a lot of fun. Enjoy!

06/19/22 – New weekly releases on Sundays. Too much going on during Saturdays to consistently release.

06/04/22 – Looking at weekly Saturday releases. Will probably keep this schedule until further notice. I’m gonna go with subscribestar however my account is still being reviewed. Will update once that completes. Thanks.

Edit: 060422B should be most up to date version. Had some broken links that prevented Kelly’s afternoon story. (Only Zippy, MediaFire, Mega and Gofile are updated. I’m can’t access uploadhaven and pixeldrain is currently not working.

Game Images & Screenshots

Latest Conceptual Version

Latest Playable (2303C)


# (optional) NTR# (optional) rape# Anal sex# consensual sex# Domination# extreme forms of sex# fantasy# Incest# prostitution# Role playing# Submission# Time Travel

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