Southern Nights [v0.83_Beta] By Woodland Nomad

Woodland Nomad Games released a new game called Southern Nights and the version is 0.83_Beta. The game’s story is about You play as either a female or male character stuck in the south in the summer time with your ‘family’, after your mom drops you off. Since you flunked your previous grade, your mom and aunt want you to study while you’re there. You have had a strong itch recently in your young life about one particular thing so this game focuses around that. You like to see it and throughout the course of this non-kinetic VN, you try to get your ‘cousin’ involved. Does she like it? Does she like you? Maybe that dick in your pants will convince her finally to ‘let the river flow’ or maybe it’s your girlish charm that enables her to become much like you – having a ‘yellow’ fever. In any case, enjoy the heat of the south from the 90s whether it’s from the sun or you loins! That’s right, this game is based in the late 90s.

This is a non-kinetic VN. There are 2 minigames that are still WIP but should work to raise the main girl’s kinkiness. More info and links to be added later. This game focuses on WATERSPORTS but has other elements too like vanilla sex. This game is meant to be heartfelt, a little funny, and super kinky (watersports)

Developer: Woodland Nomad
File Size: 6.89 GB
Version: 0.83_Beta
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.83 BETA

  • Bug found with switching sexes and name change

Developer Notes:

This game is still technically in beta so you may have issues with the game. It has not been completely tested. There are a handful of vanilla related animations and stills. The game is pretty heavy on animations.


  • Made with Ren’py VN engine
  • Daz3D renders and animations
  • Non-kinetic VN with a map and time of day.
  • Simple UI with hints and stats
  • Alert for when characters are doing something naughty
  • 2k renders and animation (1920×1080 TV format wide)
  • Replayable scene area
  • Vanilla sex – HJ, BJ, Cunnilingus, strapon, etc (more planned in the future)
  • Watersports – wetting, peeing, nonchalant, desperation, etc. (more subtypes and variations planned for the future)
  • Dreamscape – a world where the main character can enjoy the kinkiest of things within this game – It can be anywhere or with anything. A departure from the main game that’s pretty wild.
  • Story can be switched between either character although an intro and character rename is required when switching and there are known issues.
  • Female or male specific scenes
  • 2 working minigames with plans for at least 1 more
  • Time advancement
  • lnventory – limited by 2 items on character and multiple in guest bedroom inventory.
  • Multiple places to explore with events planned for time of day, current inventory, etc.
  • Custom built in character system that manages character location and actions.
  • Simple events system
  • Music and sound added to places and certain scenes.
  • triggers for events and scenes
  • Variations of scenes depending on actions, TOD, etc.
  • Affection and Kinkiness system. Spend time with Sarah to advance her affection and play minigames to advance her kinkiness. Note: Some storyline progressions raise both levels.
  • In certain areas, Sarah can be called to your location.

Game Images & Screenshots

Patch must be used to run game.



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