Stream Life [v0.2] By Streamer Life

Streamer Life Games released a new game called Stream Life and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about A life simulator game where you play as a female streamer trying to make it . You start off posting family friendly content but quickly realize that you can grow faster with more spicy content. Will you ignore this and try to grow with more “normal” content or will you use the cards you where handed? The choice is yours.​

Developer: Streamer Life
File Size: 554.5 MB
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Big Updates;
    • Brother remake, it’s now more slow and with different stages, and it now triggers depending on your actions and not as soon as you create an OF.
    • Energy; Now most actions take energy.
    • DMS you can now receive DMs from fans.
    • Fan encounters, different types of fans who will approach you differently depending on your online perception.
  • Smaller updates;
    • Small UI changes
    • Added a “tips” button on the side to easily know how to unlock events (just the one with the bro right now)
    • YT promotions, a different type of company can now contact you for a promotion.
    • Visual clean up; at late stages of the game the PC had to many links, now each social media has it’s own “hub”
    • fixed some images that did not display when you where returning from the club.
    • bug fixes.

Developer Notes:

So I wanted to make a game where your actions had consequences. I got a bit tired of female protagonist games where you fuck anything with a pulse and nobody bats an eye. Ironically there is not much that shows it on this release, but this will be my focus on the next updates.

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