Tasty Curse [v2.5] By FavoriteCat

FavoriteCat Games released a new game called Tasty Curse and the version is 2.5. The game’s story is about Nikita lives in a world full of injustice and discord. What if he had the chance to be someone else, to look at everything from the outside? Would he change the world around him? Or would it be easier to accept everything and change himself? You’ll figure it out…. …just need to add a little MAGIC.

Developer: FavoriteCat
File Size: 1.97 GB
Version: 2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Let’s start with mechanical changes and fixes:

  • Bug with Cindy when she broke the game’s walkthrough in Convergence mode;
  • The gambling table is now playable, all odds of winning and losing have been fixed, also new game mechanics have been added;
  • The game interface has been slightly scaled down;
  • The size of the game has been reduced to about 2GB (in this version);
  • Now the game supports transferring saves from any version of the game starting from 2.2 (i.e. now saves will work not only from the previous version of the game);
  • Character thoughts in the sidebar no longer break after page reloads;
  • Fixed all old events where videos were not displaying properly or not playing at all;
  • Removed unnecessary game files;
  • Now in certain situations the buttons don’t disappear like before, they just turn off. This is noticeable visually;
  • Now when different random events run at the same time, they don’t overlap;
  • The random movement of time no longer interrupts important events;
  • Fixed a bug with sudden “teleportation” to bed at nightfall;
  • Random events and their chances of occurrence have been very much improved. Literally everywhere, all over the game.
  • The code throughout the game has also been very heavily formatted and optimized, but you won’t notice a difference here. It will only make further development easier.
  • Research tab in new Laboratory! :
    I’m not a programmer at all, but I had to do some pretty good coding here. We now have a working base for researching new pills! What’s included?
    New pills will be divided into 3 levels based on the difficulty of research. Research progress costs daily player spending, but you have 3 options to speed it up:
    1. Work on research;
    2. Spend money;
    3. Motivate Jimmy;
    (4. Use cheats);
    Either way you figure it out, the new lab offers special button for “guidance on the research”.
  • Third point – Motivate Jimmy.
    You will be able to use this option to speed up your research while in Carol’s body. You have 2 paths Dominant and Submissive. If you have not yet become Jimmy’s Hypno-bitch, you have another opportunity to do so on the Sub path. The Dom path doesn’t mean you’ll make Jimmy a slave, it just takes your relationship with him to the next level. Who knows where that will lead? Each path comes with 4 events + 3 events in Jimmy’s room after completing the Dom path.
  • Added 3 new pills to the game available for research after opening a new lab.

    The 2 pills will allow you to increase and decrease your arousal at any point in the game. Also,
    corresponding icons for them have been added to the character portrait;

    -The 3d pill is called the Ethereal pill. It will allow you to look into the recent past of any
    character. You will be able to find out what someone was doing that day and possibly get some
    valuable information and even more. There are several random events per character. Some of them are quite important. Some events can change depending on the state of the character or player. So far I haven’t customized the system to show you the events you need to see, now it’s random, but the chance of important events has been increased.
    So I’ll spell out a bit about the events of each character.

    To make it easier to describe let’s put it this way:
    < 2” Events if this character has not yet taken a level 2 pill;
    > 1” Events if this character has already taken a level 2 pill;
    Any” Events are not affected by pills;

    Layla (GF) (6 events)
    < 2 : 2 events.
    > 1 : 4 events. (Layla has an NTR route open now)

    Carol (Roommate) (4 events)
    < 2 : 2 events.
    > 1 : 2 events.

    Olga (Mom) (4 events)
    < 2 : 1 event.
    > 1 : 4 events. (Olga has an NTR route open now)

    Dad (3 events)
    Any: 3 events.

    Anya (Sis) (4 events)
    < 2 : 1 events.
    > 1 : 1 events.
    Any: 2 events.

    Stephan (Bully) (2 events)
    Any: 2 events.

    Levi (Brother) (2 events)
    Male: 1 event.
    Female: 1 event. (the event unfolds along with Layla’s events)

    Vanessa, Jimmy and Akira are still in development, because behind them lies a whole chain of other events that need to be added at the same time.


  • All cheats have been updated + added a couple new ones. All cheats will be sent to patrons starting from “Dreamer Cat” tier.

Developer Notes:

It’s my 1st game of the series and it’s still in development state, but I’m sure I can make this game much better with your suggestions, support and feedback! I have a lot of things to do in this game in future.

+150 gold – APQLFHTYDJ
+3 lvl1 pills – MFFDJSFKAO
+3 lvl2 pills – ZPSJFHALDJ
+1 corruption – BDHFOLGJFL
-1 corruption – BSOEJDLGJD
+1 Jimmy experiments count – QZNALFPTHR
skip day (wake up in dorm) – HSSYQTSGDL

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