Tears In Rain [Prologue Reworked] By Ethereal Studios

Ethereal Studios Games released a new game called Tears In Rain and the version is Prologue Reworked. The game’s story is about “Max Armani was born into the most powerful Mob Family. Take him through NY, where organized crime once thrived, and is now sprawling with opportunity. Max’s life goes haywire when he is forced into a deadly Underworld during a new era of Chaos. Follow him through the lustful and dangerous life of Cosa Nostra. Help him reconnect with Loved Ones, rekindle Old Relationships, and seek out New Experiences.”

Developer: Ethereal Studios
File Size: 525.2 MB
Version: Prologue Reworked
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Prologue Reworked

  • 40+ Renders Added.
  • 4 New Scenes.
  • Significant Dialogue Changes: Refined to better convey the story and character interactions.
  • Completely changed the Amber scene.
  • More player choices.
  • Enhancements to some existing renders.
  • Several typo and punctuation errors have been corrected.

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Thanks to everyone who supported the game early in development. Share the word among your peers. Feel free to share your thoughts on our Discord in the tears in rain discussion channel, or patrons general channel if you’re a Patron.

Game Images & Screenshots

: Tears_In_Rain-Prologe_Rework-win.zip – 525.2 MB
Linux: Tears_In_Rain-Prologe_Rework-linux.tar.bz2 – 516.2 MB
Mac: Tears_In_Rain-Prologe_Rework-mac.zip – 509.4 MB
Android (Prologue): Tears_In_Rain-Prologue.apk – 58.3 MB


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