The Enigmatic Domain [v0.45] By One Heroic Man

One Heroic Man Games released a new game called The Enigmatic Domain and the version is 0.45. The game’s story is about In a remote country, there was a genius archeologist who discovered a very powerful artifact that granted her deepest wish without her consent. She was then thrust into a completely new world and had to adapt to these changes while doing that she will encounter many characters, some friends and some foes. So join her on her discovery of this unknown realm.​

Developer: One Heroic Man
File Size: 760.2 MB
Version: 0.45
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added choice to skip chapter 1 and 3/4 of chapter 2 [Skip to city]
  • Fixed clothes shop job bug and other job bugs
  • Fixed Lisa Scene 1 not working in gallery
  • Removed profiles menu (New menu added in place which is found at end choice screen)
  • added phone (Found in Inventory)
  • fixed the office job money glitch
  • Fixed park scene errors. (cloth color and graphics issues)
  • Moved dream scenes to seperate page in gallery
  • New cheat to change weekday (certain events now happen only on a specefic day)
  • Continued Mino’s Story
  • Continued Sarumi’s + Paige’s Story
  • No new outfits in this update!

Developer Notes:

This update the game’s name has changed, this was due to a unforeseen circumstance but it’s fine now. The game’s name will be changed from AN UNKNOWN REALM to THE ENIGMATIC DOMAIN. The CG’s, what a pain I had to do all of them over again because the previous cg’s maker gave me to many problems and limited scene making capabilities. I have changed to a more reliable cg maker and thus redid all scenes in the game. That is why this update will not have lots new content but will be enough for a small update. This update is more focused on polish and fixing some bugs that I identified. As per a few requests I made a nudist version of the game, this version has almost the same story as the normal version but no clothes will be seen (except the intro). This version was made a while back so it still has the old name and UI (Just didn’t release it early cause not much new in the nudist version). Enjoy the game! Early access codes are at the same post!

Game Images & Screenshots


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