The Howling [v00013B] By Ouphe

Ouphe Games released a new game called The Howling and the version is 00013B. The game’s story is about

The Howling is a text-based vore/smut RPG where you play the role of a Werewolf (M, Predator) who has woken up in the woods with no memory of how he ended up there. Explore the surrounding kingdom and interact with the NPCs to either blaze a swath of destruction, find your missing memories, help villagers in need, consume those weaker than you, or all 4 of them at the same time!

M/F, M/M, M/?, sex, vore, rape, clothing destruction both in-combat and out-of-combat. NPCs to help, eat, fuck, or ignore include adventurers, merchants, elves, catgirls, trolls, gnolls, alchemists, bar wenches, bears, and more. Kidnap cute girls back to your lair. Bite a catgirl. Tear the armor from a guard and then have your way with them. Help the elves reclaim their forest from the farmer. Have fun!

Developer: Ouphe
File Size: 738 kB
Version: 00013B
OS: Windows,
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Fixed the oops with Sierra.
Skeletons no longer give notoriety for eating them.
Hyenas are both male and slower. They had a random 100-200 for dex, dropped it to 100-130.
Fixed assfuck with males. Sorry.

Good news for those who really want to sport a momentary gut…
If you have 100 strength more than a large foe… It’s a large meal! That’s right, you can get your jaws around those bears and giants and whatnot!

quick bug fix for the book puzzle

Game Images & Screenshots


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