The Legend of The Hero of Edoriam [v0.1.9] By Pyrthenix

Pyrthenix Games released a new game called The Legend of The Hero of Edoriam and the version is 0.1.9. The game’s story is about The Kingdom of Edoriam is plunged into a brutal war against darkness. You are one of the adventurers of the guild, who, alongside your wife, fights for the good of the realm. What adventures will you experience? How many will join you on your mission? How much are you willing to sacrifice for the salvation of the kingdom? A vast odyssey awaits you, adventurer. Will you become the hero that Edoriam needs, or will you succumb, ensnared by the darkness?

Developer: Pyrthenix
File Size: 1.85 GB
Version: 0.1.9
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog

Version 0.1.9 (Public Version)

  • Added new Main Story Mission, initializing the Main Narrative Arc “The Suburbs” (The Connor’s Request) (with new three maps, scenes, interactions, enemies and choices).
  • Added new Main NFSW Netorase Event (Spying on the Wife in Aron’s House – Level 4) (with variations according choices).
  • Added new Main NFSW Netorare Event (Chance Encounter: Wife fucked in the Alley -while the husband cleans…-) (with variations according to corruption and fidelity levels and choices).
  • Added new Secondary NFSW Netorase Event (Provocative Wife’s Request: “C-can I… have fun~…?”).
  • Added 98 NSFW CGs.
  • Added +10500 new words.
  • Added +15 SFW images.
  • Added 9 NFSW animations.
  • Added new Main NFSW Netorase Event (Fourth Cuckold Report: “I-I’m sorry, darling~… I’m exhausted…”).
  • Added new Main NFSW Netorare Event (Earning Forgiveness. Dagwick and Stiletto X Wife) (with variations according to corruption and fidelity levels and choices).
  • Added new Main NFSW Netorase Event (Pleasing the Thugs. Dagwick and Stiletto X Wife). (with variations according to corruption level and choices)
  • Added new NSFW male character (Dagwick, The Pretentious Ringleader).
  • Added new NSFW male character (Stiletto, The Opportunistic Advisor).
  • Added Major Update to the NTR System and Wife Corruption:
  • The entire Wife Corruption interface has been improved, with graphic enhancements and new images.
  • 1. The Pristine Gem energy interface has been separated from the Wife Corruption interface, now being two independent interfaces (the gem interface will be drastically improved in the future with the addition of sexual combat and story progression).
  • 2. Added to the Wife Corruption interface is the “Affairs” tab, which will show the wife’s progress with each of her different lovers and bulls (NTR).
  • Also, from now on, with the occurrence of NTR events, relationships will progress, with four levels of NTR relationship (0, 1, 2, 3), which can lead to drastic changes and much more intense scenes.
  • I recommend caution, especially in the future, because some events will be irreversible, leading to the loss of control, along with many other things…
  • 3. Added to the Wife Corruption interface is the “Stats” tab (Pre-Alpha Stage), which will display in detail the different acts performed by the wife, among other variants.
  • 4. A quick access key (C key) has been added to improve player conditions.
  • Added new rank to the Wife Corruption System (1 rank) and image by rank (1 image).
  • Added new corruption image to the Harem System (Adara) (1 image).
  • Added new character (Cook of the Tavern, Kinyat), with sprites and interactions.
  • Added new armour type items: Diadems.
  • [Common] Esparto Diadem with Quartz Core
  • [Common] Copper Diadem with Amethyst
  • [Uncommon] Fairy Crystal Hoop
  • [Uncommon] Silver Tiara with Pearls and Topaz
  • [Rare] Runic Truesilver Diadem with Opal With their respective descriptions.
  • All of which can be purchased at the Magic Shop.
  • Added new area (Tavern (Kitchen)), with new sprites, interactions and new event.
  • Added new area (Tavern (Basement)), with new sprites and interactions.
  • Added new area (Sewers (Commercial District)), with new enemies NPC (Sewer Bat, Drainage Lizard, Shadow, Dagwick and Stiletto), with new sprites, interactions and new events.
  • Added new embers in The Hall of the Primordial Ashes:
  • Embers of Mastery: pyromancy, hydromancy, geomancy, electromancy, aeromancy, cryomancy, and swordsman.
  • Now they can be used to increase the experience of each branch of the Skill Tree, greatly facilitating progression. (The High Knightly Order [Deluxe-Cheats Edition])
  • Added some initial structural changes for the development of the NTR System and the relational progression with the wife’s lovers.
  • Added new interaction: Spending time at Home.
  • Added graphic enhancement to the Harem interface, to match some parameters with Corruption.
  • Added NTR clues and hints.
  • Fixed some interface bugs in the Skill Tree.
  • Fixed bug in the Orc Brute side mission.
  • Some minors bugs fixed and small additions.

Developer Notes:

The game primarily focuses on netorase and corruption themes, with the possibility of expanding to various forms of netorare. However, there will be a wide range of fetishes, and even the NTR aspect can be significantly reduced (though not completely avoided). Some examples include male and female domination, monsters, sexual slavery, rape, prostitution, group sex, harem, sex combat, stripping, and much more. It will encompass all that a realistic medieval fantasy world can offer.

Community ideas will be welcome, and there will be voting for the implementation of certain fetishes, characters, and routes that are favored by the majority.

Game Images & Screenshots

: TLHE 0.1.9 (Public).rar – 1.9 GB


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