THE WRATH [v0.1α] By W.M

W.M Games released a new game called THE WRATH [v0.1α] By W.M and the version is 0.1α. The game’s story is about The plot centers on detective Arthur Morgan, who despite his professional successes, is searching for the true meaning of life.. After a tragic incident in his hometown makes him rethink his values and beliefs, Arthur decides to calm his inner demons by moving to another city. Here, where there seems to be less crime than in the former place, the hero will not only have to investigate cases, but also solve problems of a supernatural nature. He puts himself in danger, plays with his own life and death, and each new investigation becomes for him not only a way to solve the crime, but also a chance for new realizations and insights. But his quiet life comes to an end when he meets the bearer of the Sin of Greed..​

Developer: W.M
File Size: 4.36 GB
Version: 0.1α
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

{ESC – pause}
{Space – hide interface}
{Diamond Edition – Ultra Graphics}
{Silver Edition – High Graphics}
{Compressed Edition – Medium Graphics}
Thank you very much for your attention and patience!

Game Images & Screenshots



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