Theanthria [May 15 – Pre-Alpha] By Hectocacto

Hectocacto Games released a new game called Theanthria and the version is May 15 – Pre-Alpha. The game’s story is about Welcome to THEANTHRIA! This is a furry dating simulator in progress in which you are the only human in existence! Humans in this world are seen as divine, almost mythical creatures. Though, for now you will need to conceal your identity with a helmet! Talk to the girls in town, get to know them, give them presents and have fun with them! Earn money to buy presents to give, or furniture to decorate your home! Your human-tier dexterity and intelligence make you a perfect fit for a DyNein Delivery Pilot!

Developer: Hectocacto
File Size: 429.6 MB
Version: May 15 – Pre-Alpha
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

May 15 – Pre-Alpha
New map.

Developer Notes:

Controls! Move W A S D Run L Shift Jump/Double jump (midair) Space Zoom in/out, Enter/Exit FPS Mode Mouse Scroll Wheel/Tab Interact L Click Pause Esc Pick Up Items R Click Place furniture/Throw Items L Click

Game Images & Screenshots

Recommended to start a new game. Old saves may not work properly.


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