Thirsty Pathogen [v0.1a] By Silent Pyramid

Silent Pyramid Games released a new game called Thirsty Pathogen and the version is 0.1a. The game’s story is about

Imagine waking up in your hospital room and no one around. What’s more, the whole hospital looks abandoned, and all of New Kroy is in ruins.

That’s the fate that met Ethan. A couple of months ago, his father was laid off from his job. His sister disappeared 2 years ago, and the search for her led nowhere. The adult world he aspired to lies beneath his feet and somewhere in the far away fallen buildings, just like his dreams and goals of his quiet life. In this chaos he was able to find his sister, who doesn’t even recognize him, doesn’t talk at all, and half of her body is covered in mysterious ashy spots.

Is it war? Or have we been attacked by terrorists? Why did my sister only show up now and what happened to her? So many questions and no answers… Now, in this empty and ruined city, he must fight to survive and protect those left alive in this ruthless and dangerous world​

Developer: Silent Pyramid
File Size: 147.8 MB
Version: 0.1a
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

First release

Game Images & Screenshots


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