TOUCH THE BIO-UNIT LADY [v1.21] By egig ere faundation

egig ere faundation Games released a new game called TOUCH THE BIO-UNIT LADY and the version is 1.21. The game’s story is about Player is trapped at the bottom of a dungeon during a treasure hunt, and then she discovers “Sphinx” the control unit. Player examines her body, and attempts to activate the escape device…​

Developer: egig ere faundation
File Size: 322.1 MB
Version: 1.21
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Updated illustrations for later scenes

Developer Notes:

English subtitles available in this game.
Click your mouse and touch the body like a goddess statue!
Soft Body hidden in Metal Skin!

Game Images & Screenshots

Save and Manuals Included


Extras: Movies

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