TwoSides Reboot [v0.02] By GreonoGames

Greono Games released a new game called TwoSides Reboot and the version is 0.02. The game’s story is about is a unique blend of a Visual Novel with RPG elements, immersing players in the tale of a young man testing his luck in the bustling metropolis known as Capital. Along the way, he encounters a deranged individual addicted to a potent new drug wreaking havoc in the city. As if that weren’t enough, our protagonist unwittingly gains the ability (or curse) to alter his gender while navigating the challenges of his new life.

What truly distinguishes Two Sides is its emphasis on player agency, allowing you to shape the main character’s journey based on your principles, objectives, and preferences. Whether it’s building relationships with older or younger characters, exploring romance, engaging in heterosexual or homosexual encounters, or a combination of both, your decisions will intricately mold the unfolding narrative.

Two Sides promises a plethora of possibilities, with each update introducing fresh events and choices that can lead to a myriad of distinct endings. Beyond the riveting storyline influenced by your choices, I am dedicated to delivering engaging gameplay and interactive experiences, particularly in intimate scenes.

Developer: Greono
File Size: 980.5 MB
Version: 0.02
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • More than 3500 lines of dialogue.
  • 07 very hot sexual scenes.
  • 14 locations and sub-locations.
  • Various paths to take according to your choices.
  • Quest Menu, Profile, Settings, Gameplay.
  • Progression and excitement bar system in sexual scenes.
  • 01 Minigame.
  • Individual attribute system and relationship level for each character.

Developer Notes:

About The System

Each character is characterized by three universal values: Friendship, Love, and Domination. These values are acquired as the player interacts and engages in dialogue with the characters, ranging from -100 to 100 points. Each attribute represents a specific type of relationship, adding complexity to the interactions.

Friendship reflects how much the person likes the player, showcasing affection, trust, and complicity. This value reveals the level of emotional closeness and the support the character is willing to offer.

Love represents the passion and carnal desire that the character has for the player. This attribute reveals the intensity of the romantic involvement and the physical attraction between the player and the character.

Domination indicates the level of control, respect, and/or fear that a character has towards the player. This value plays a crucial role in requiring the mandatory execution of actions by the characters. Additionally, Domination is essential for intimidation situations, influencing power dynamics between the player and other characters.

Exploring these three values offers a rich and dynamic experience, providing players with the opportunity to develop unique relationships and shape the narrative according to their choices and interactions.

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