With an Older Girl ~Yuina’s Sweet Encouragement~ [Final + DLC] By BousabaG

BousabaG Games released a new game called With an Older Girl ~Yuina’s Sweet Encouragement~and the version is Final + DLC. The game’s story is about The stress of the daily grind leaves you simply exhausted when you return home. However, one day, when you come back from work… “Welcome home!”That kind voice. It’s your sister Yuina, who’s come to check up on you. She kindly hugs you, and decides to do all the household cooking and chores for you until you recover back to full health! So starts your daily life with this caring girl!​

Developer: BousabaG
File Size: 1.64 GB
Version: Final + DLC
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added Standart Edition + DLC
  • This DLC adds all new modes and H scenes to “With an Older Girl ~Yuina’s Sweet Encouragement~”.,
    in addition to new situations for existing H scenes, the “Pool” date spot, new outfits such as swimsuit and cosplay, new scenarios, new voices, and new variations!
  • New modes:
    Breast Love mode – a simple mode for getting some breast pampering!
    Communication mode – a short story where you can enjoy daily life with Yuina.

Developer Notes:

  • [Game]
  • This communication game is all about spending time with a caring heroine,
    and making lots of love
  • Kisses, hugs, lap pillows, ear cleaning, and falling asleep together…
    It’s pure, unadulterated sweetness!
  • [H Scene]
    This girl recognizes that male lust is as natural as a girl’s period,
    and she’s eager to support you with that!
  • Handjobs / titjobs / fellatio / sex in various positions, etc…
    Includes command-style options for H control!
    If you fulfill certain conditions, cosplay H is available as well!
  • [No ending]
    This game is all about deepening your bond with a kind, older girl.
    There are no endings, just an ever-continuing lovey-dovey life…

Game Images & Screenshots

Official English version

English (MTL)

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