Yuri University [v0.61] By chekkin games

chekkin games released a new game called Yuri University and the version is 0.61. The game’s story is about Yuri University is a sandbox, stat-managing style visual novel, with 5 main girls for you to get to know however you’d like, plus several side characters that you can seek out or encounter through random events. You take the character of a young woman coming to university with her best friend. Your character, whose name you can choose, has never had a relationship before, having never been interested in boys. When she meets her new uni house mates, they surprise her with their openness and sex-positivity, and our heroine quickly realises for the first time that she’s attracted to girls. But having taken so long to realise this, she’s self-conscious about her lack of experience. Fortunately, she’s in a house filled with girls who seem to be open to some casual experimenting!

Developer: chekkin games
File Size: 5.32 GB
Version: 0.61
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


New content:
• Violet and Sabrina scene 2 added.
◦ 98 images, 22 animations.
◦ Available after scene 1 and getting a certain level of experience. Either wait for them to
text you or text them first (see “New features” below).
• RPG with BFF, Hannah and Scarlett scene 3 added.
◦ 100 images.
◦ Available in the living room on a Wednesday afternoon, after completing scene 2.
• 50 texting selfies added.
◦ See below for details.
New features:
• Texting system added.
◦ A new “Message” button has been added to the phone screen. From there, you can
choose who to text.
◦ For the main characters there are two options: “Chat” and “Call back to room”.
▪ “Chat” earns an affection point with the character, and a short conversation about
what they’re up to.
▪ If you have at least 20 voyeurism and they are somewhere other than the house or
their class, you can request they send you a selfie. If you have a high enough
relationship level with the character, there’s a chance of them sending a naughty pic.
▪ “Call back to room” will move them from wherever they currently are to their
bedroom – unless they’re in physics or art class.
◦ You can only text people once per day.
◦ Texting does not move time forward.
◦ Currently only the five main characters and Violet & Sabrina are available to text.
• “Selfie Collection” added to the phone guide.
◦ Use this to view selfies you’ve been sent through the texting system, and keep track of
how many more you have to see.
◦ Some selfies are only available when the person is alone. You may have to text the
person they’re with and move them back to their room.
Tweaks and adjustments:
• Added some alternate lines to Violet and Sabrina’s scene 1 telling them about your
girlfriend, if you have more than one.
• New images and lines added for one-on-one interactions with main characters in the cafe
and gym.
◦ These occur when you use the texting system to ask one person from a pair back to their
room – e.g. when Hannah and Scarlett are in the cafe and you ask Hannah back to her
room, Scarlett will be in the cafe on her own.
• New images added for cafe location.
• Added 3 new images for posing for the art class on Fridays with Ezri.
• Adjusted some character schedules so they’re occasionally on their own in some locations.
Bug fixes:
• Fixed an incorrect question being shown in the second art exam.
• Fixed the notification on the repeatable sex tutoring not taking skills into account.
• Fixed not being able to tell Violet and Sabrina that you have a girlfriend in scene 1 if you
only have Hannah as your girlfriend.
Known Issues:
• When both Ashley and Ezri are in the cafe, you incorrectly have the option to just hang out
with just Ashley as well as both of them.

Game Images & Screenshots


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